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Dr. Tommy Oliver - Black Dino Thunder Ranger

Played by Jason David Frank

Tommy has a long history as a Power Ranger. Originally the Green Power Ranger, he is forced to fight for evil. Fortunately, the spell is broken and he redeems himself as he later becomes the White Power Ranger. Tommy completes his destiny by becoming the Red Zeo Ranger, and later becoming the Red Turbo Ranger before passing on his powers to TJ.

Now as a mild mannered science teacher, Tommy recruits three of his students, chosen by the Dino Gems; to become the next generation of Power Rangers. Tommy joins the team by becoming the Black Ranger to combat evil. He has the power of invisibility and the Brachiozord to assist him in the fight.

During a near death experience, Tommy must battle his former selves as the Green Power Ranger, the White Power Ranger, and the Red Zeo Ranger; in a dream where he is forced to fight for his life. Tommy is able to prove once and for all that his will to live is stronger than any Ranger power.

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