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New Power Rangers Castle

Psycho War: Red

Starring: Jason, Tommy, Andros, Leo, Carter, Wes, Eric, Alex, Mr. Collin, Dr. Michael, Sophie, Psycho Red, Psycho Yellow, Psycho Blue, Psycho Pink, Psycho Blue, Treachon, Elgar, Goldar, Darkonda, Olymipus...

- 1 -

Jason and Tommy are doing exercises in Angel Grove Gym.

Jason: Nine hundreds ninety seven¡­ nine hundreds ninety eight¡­

Tommy: Hey, Jason. Take a look at the screen.

Jason: Nine hundreds ninet¡­ what? What did you say?

Tommy: Look at the screen.

Reporter: It is channel one¡­ AG news. There is a big fire at the Marina Bay Shopping Center this morning. Thanks for the Lightspeed Rescue team, the fire is gone and everyone is safe. However, until now, we don¡¯t know for sure how this happens. Oh¡­ here¡­ comes the Power Rangers. Rangers, would you tell me what happens?

The rangers take out the Astro Blasters and point them to the reporters.

Red Ranger: Ready? Fire!

Reporter: Ah¡­ run! Everybody runs! It is so strange¡­ the rangers are hurting innocent people¡­it is unbelievable! It is channel one¡­ AG¡­ wow¡­ it¡¯s time to go¡­

Red Ranger is smiling evilly.

Red Ranger: Go¡­ and go. The world will be mine very soon.

Blue Ranger: What is the next stop?

Red Ranger: Silver Hill.

Rangers: Right!

Tommy looks at Jason.

Tommy: Jason, do you know who they are?

Jason: I have no clue, Tommy. They look like us. Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, and Black.

Tommy: Yea! We need to contact Zordon.

Jason: Right! Zordon? Zordon? Do you read me? I am Jason, the original red ranger. Do you remember me? I am Jas¡­ Man! No answer¡­

Tommy: Let me contact Alpha. Alpha? Alpha 5? I am Tommy. Um¡­ where are they?

Jason: The commend center was destroyed long ago, we don¡¯t know where they are right now.

Tommy: So?

Jason: So what?

Tommy: We have to combine our powers and perform the teamwork.

Jason: Do the stupid teamwork again?

Tommy: Yes, there is no time, Jason. We have to hurry.

Jason: All right!

The rangers are standing in front of the Silver Hill Shopping Center.

Blue Ranger: Here is the Silver Hill Shopping Center.

Red Ranger: Yes, it is.

Blue Ranger: Psycho Spin!

Black Ranger: One building¡¯s down.

Jason and Tommy are running to the main entrance of Silver Hill Shopping Center.

Jason and Tommy: Stop!

Yellow Ranger: Who are you guys?

Jason looks at Tommy and says¡­.

Jason: We are the Power Rangers!

Tommy: Yes, we are!

Pink Ranger: Don¡¯t make us laugh. Get lost, human! Or you will be destroyed!

Jason: Tommy!

Tommy: Right! Zeo Power!

Jason and Tommy: It¡¯s morphing time.

Tommy: Zeo 5 Red!

Jason: Tyrannosaur!

Tommy: Who are you guys? You guys are supposed to be good.

Jason: Yeah! We don¡¯t want to hurt you.

Red Ranger: Hurt us? We are the Space Rangers. You are no match for us.

Jason: You give us no choice!

Tommy: Wait!

Red Ranger: Psycho Saber!

Tommy: Jason! Watch out!

Pink and Yellow Rangers: You should worry about yourself, Little Red Star.

Jason: I am losing power.

Tommy: These guys are too tough. We need help!

Jason: Right!

Red Ranger: Not so far, red ranger!

Jason: Tommy! The red ranger took my morpher.

Tommy: Sorry, Jason. I am losing power too.

Yellow Ranger: Here is another red morpher.

Pink Ranger: Good job!

Tommy: Give them back to us!

Blue Ranger: Good bye, losers!

Black Ranger: Time to go!

Rangers: Right!

Jason: Come back!

Seconds later, the Silver Guardian comes¡­

Eric: Hey, you two! Get up and freeze!

Tommy: We are the victims.

Jason: Yea, he is right!

Eric: Silent! Turn around. What is this?

Jason: It is not your business.

Eric: What did you say? Not my business? Everything that happens at Silver Hill is my business.

Tommy: Ok, we don¡¯t want to waste our time, right?

Eric: No, you two wanderers are only wasting my precious time.

Jason: What did you say?

Tommy: Jason, forget it. Let¡¯s go!

Eric: Wanna go?

Tommy: We have unfinished business with the Space Rangers.

Eric: Don¡¯t make me laugh. There are no Space Rangers in Silver Hill.

Tommy: Listen to me. There are.

Eric: Don¡¯t make up stories. No one will believe you guys.

Jason: It is true. They took our morphers.

Eric: What? Your morphers? Don¡¯t pretend to be Power Rangers. I know you are not. You guys are jobless, penniless wanderers. You guys are under arrested!

Jason: What? We are the Power Rangers!

Tommy: Yeah! We are.

Eric: Silent!

Eric talks to the communicator.

Eric: Wes, would you come over there?

Wes: I am on my way.

Eric: Hey, where are they? They just disappear.

Wes is running to Eric.

Wes: Eric, what happens?

Eric: Forget it! Let¡¯s get back to the station.

Wes: Ok!

Eric is walking around the Silver Hill Shopping Center.

Eric: Um, there are no mutants around.

A little kid is coming to Eric.

Kid: Sir, would you help me to look for my parents?

Eric: No problem. What are your parents¡¯ names?

Kid: My dad¡¯s name is called Alpha, my mom¡¯s name is Trakeena, and I am Andros.

Eric: Andros, did you remember where the last time you saw your parents was?

Kid: Over there!

Eric: Where?

The kid changes his voice.

Kid: Over here!

Eric: Ow, who are you?

The kid transforms himself into the Red Space Ranger.

Red Ranger: I said I am Andros! Prepare to die!

Eric: Andros looks like a trouble! Quantum Power!

Red Ranger: Are you one of the red powerless rangers?

Eric: I am not just a power ranger. I am the Quantum Ranger!

Red Ranger: Psycho Saber!

Eric: Wow, it closes¡­ Quantum Defender¡­ Saber Mode!

Red Ranger: You are pretty good, but not good enough!

Eric: (He is tough! Who is he?) I won¡¯t let you cause trouble in Silver Hill.

Red Ranger: You can¡¯t stop me!

Eric: Ah¡­ it hurts.

Red Ranger: What are you doing? Masturbating?

Eric: Who are you? I know you are not a Space Ranger.

Red Ranger: You are right! I am Psycho Red.

Eric: Psycho Red?

Psycho Red: Prepare to die!

Eric: Quantum Defender!

Psycho Red: Not so far!

Eric: My weapon¡­

Psycho Red: Sorry, I destroy your little toy. Psycho Saber!

Eric: Akk¡­ I am losing power¡­ my quantum morpher.

Psycho Red: Oh, you drop something.

Eric: Give me back the quantum morpher.

Psycho Red: See You!

Eric: Wait! Come Back! I haven¡¯t through with you yet!

Psycho Red: Let me take a visit at Turtle Lake City.

Cole: Today is very hot¡­ no rain, no wind¡­

Psycho Red transforms himself into an old man.

Psycho Red: Help! The Psycho Rangers are everywhere. They are looking for the rangers. They already got their morphers. The city is in danger.

Psycho Red talks to Cole with tears.

Cole: Please calm down. Who are the Psycho Rangers?

Psycho Red: You really want to know who they are?

Cole: Yes, I want to help and protect the city.

The old man transforms himself back to Psycho Red.

Psycho Red: They look like this! Prepare to die!

Cole: Unbelievable! Stop! I don¡¯t want to fight.

Psycho Red: Silly jungle boy. Fight me¡­ or you will be destroyed.

Cole: No! I don¡¯t want to make enemies. I only want to make friends.

Psycho Red: Don¡¯t wait! Come and get me!

Cole is closing his eyes and hearing Psycho Red¡¯s heart.

Cole: You are not a monster. You have a heart.

Psycho Red: No! Psycho Rangers do not have hearts!

Cole: Listen! I said you have a heart.

Psycho Red: No, I don¡¯t have a heart!

Cole: I said you have!

Psycho Red: No, I said I don¡¯t! You silly jungle boy!

Cole: You give me no choice¡­ Wild Acce¡­ Wait! Where is my morpher? Oh, it is in my pocket.

Psycho Red: So, it is the toy you are playing with.

Cole: It is not a toy. It is a morpher. You can call it a Gwol Phone. It looks like a cellular phone, but it is more than a cellular phone. Press this button, then you will be transformed into a Red Wild Force Ranger.

Psycho Red: Really?

Cole: Of course, I don¡¯t tell lie.

Psycho Red: Can I see?

Cole: Of course! You are harmless anyway...

Psycho Red: That¡¯s what you think! Red Ranger¡­ Thanks for the cellular phone.

Cole: Please give me back my morpher. How can you trick me like this?

Psycho Red: I will deal with you later! Now, go back to Angel Grove.

Carter is having a vacation in Angel Grove.

Carter: Ya¡­ today is good, no work¡­ no pressure¡­ no Captain Mitchell.

Psycho Red is capturing innocent people at Angel Grove Shopping Center.

Psycho Red: You guys, come with me.

A little girl is coming to Carter.

Girl: I know you are a lightspeed ranger, please save my parents. They are captured by a red ranger.

Carter: Yes, my name is Carter Grayson and I am a Red Lightspeed Ranger, but you should not tell lies. Red Ranger does not hurt innocent people.

Girl: He does! I hate Red Ranger!

Carter: Red Ranger is always the bravest ranger.

Girl: I hate Red Ranger!

Carter: Ok¡­ ok, please tell me where they are right now?

Girl: Follow me. They are over there!

Parents: Sophie, run! It is very dangerous over here!

Sophie: Carter, I trust you¡­ so you have to trust me. Fight the Red Ranger and save my parents.

Carter: Ok!

Psycho Red is staring at Carter.

Psycho Red: Who are you? It is not your business. Get out of my way!

Carter: My name is Carter Grayson. I am the Red Lightspeed Ranger. We should work together to protect the city. We are Power Rangers, right?

Parents run to Sophie.

Psycho Red: So you are the Red Ranger?

Carter: Yes, I am.

Psycho Red: Psycho Saber!

Carter: Watch out, Sophie!

Psycho Red: You should worry about yourself.

Carter: Lightspeed Rescue! I won¡¯t let you hurt people.

Psycho Red: Prepare to be destroyed!

Carter: I bet you won¡¯t let me be destroyed.

Psycho Red: That¡¯s what you think!

Psycho Red runs behide Carter and kicks his butt.

Carter: You are too fast!

Psycho Red: I am faster than you, stronger than you, smarter than you, but I am evil! I¡¯m Psycho Red!

Carter: Enough! Mega Battle!

Psycho Red: Having a bigger toy doesn¡¯t mean you can win.

Carter: He is too fast. I can¡¯t target on him.

Psycho Red: You should test my fatal toy. Psycho Saber!

Carter: My weapon! I am losing my power! Miss Fairweather, help!

Psycho Red: Is this your morpher?

Carter: Give it back to me! Miss Fairweather, help? Miss¡­.

Psycho Red: One more for my collection, see you!

Carter: You can¡¯t leave in front of Sophie and her parents. Come back and I can defeat you. Miss Fair¡­ Um, she should call herself Miss Bad-Weather.

Parents: Let¡¯s go, Sophie. The Red Lightspeed Ranger is not helpful.

Sophie: That¡¯s why I hate Red Ranger. Hope he is not the leader of the team. I should call Carlos.

Carter: Today is really not a good day!

Psycho Red transforms himself into a little kid and goes to the Angel Grove Playground.

Psycho Red: There are more kids than I¡¯ve expected.

Leo: Hi, is it your first time to be here?

Psycho Red: Yes!

Leo: You look familiar. Do I know you?

Psycho Red: I saw you in a forest. I was sitting under the tree, crying and crying.

Leo: I remembered! You were the kid in a red suit.

Psycho Red: Yes, I was the kid.

Leo: Yeah! I remembered. I also remembered¡­

Psycho Red: Remember what?

Leo: You¡­ you are Psycho Red!

Psycho Red: That¡¯s right! Long time no see, Leo. I am looking for you.

Leo: I think you were destroyed.

Psycho Red: Yes, in your dream! You can¡¯t escape this time.

Leo is staring at Psycho Red (the kid) and wants to fight him.

Kids: Leo is fighting a little kid. Child abuse!

Leo is worrying about his positive image when many kids are watching him.

Psycho Red: You can¡¯t morph in front of the kids, can¡¯t you?

Leo: You want me? You come and get me!

Psycho Red: With pleasure!

Psycho Red screams and cries loudly.

Kids: We think Leo is a good guy¡­ a hero, but it is not true. He abuses the little boy and makes him cry.

Leo: Listen kids! I don¡¯t! He is Psycho Red and he will destroy you guys. Let¡¯s go and find a safe place.

Psycho Red: Kids, don¡¯t listen to him. Leo is a bad guy. He has no jobs, no goals. He wants to occupy our playground. He also steals my communicator. The communicator is my birthday gift that my dad gave me. It is priceless.

Kids are going to take Leo¡¯s morpher off from his left hand.

Kids: It belongs to you, isn¡¯t it?

Psycho Red: Yes, thank you! See you guys later!

Kids: You are welcome! We should help each together.

Leo: Don¡¯t let him go. He is evil. Give me back the morpher.

Kids: Morpher? What morpher?

Leo: Power Ranger¡¯s morpher. I am a power ranger and I use the morpher to become the red ranger.

Kids: Liar! Leo is not only a liar, but also a thief.

Leo: No, listen to me, kids.

Kids: Let¡¯s go.

Other kids left the playground.

In the year 3000, Alex is watching the past in the Time Force Station.

Alex: What¡¯s going on? A Red Ranger is stealing other red rangers¡¯ morhpers? What will he do next?

Captain Logan: Sir, may I help you for this?

Alex: No! You should look for other time force rangers and call them back.

Captain Logan: Yes, sir!

Alex: Now, leave!

Captain Logan: Yes!

Alex: Let me check and see who the Red Ranger is. Um, his name is Psycho Red. The strongest of the Psycho Rangers¡­ Only interested in red rangers. He is back alive to take a revenge on all the red rangers. Including me? What the hell is Wes doing? He should capture Psycho Red and bring him to the prison. Look like¡­ I have to go!

At the Silver Guardian Station¡­

Wes: Eric, did you see my friends Jen, Lucas, Trip and Katie around?

Eric: Sorry, Wes. I didn¡¯t.

Wes: I need them for the new case.

Eric: What is that?

Wes: It is about 2 victims who are complaining our service.

Eric: Who are they?

Wes: One is called Jason Lee Scott and the other one is called Tommy Oliver.

Eric: Jason and Tommy? So familiar¡­ especially the one called Jason.

Wes: You knew them?

Eric: Let¡¯s see¡­ Oh, the 2 useless trashes! They said someone took their belongings and disappeared.

Wes: I see. Only a small case¡­. Eric, I have to go. See you!

Eric: See you tomorrow.

Alex is going back to the present and standing in front of Silver Guardian Station.

Alex: Here it is! I have to get back my morpher, or the future will change.

Wes is leaving the building.

Alex: Stop!

Wes: Alex?

Alex: Yes!

Wes: What are you doing here?

Alex: It is not your business. I come here to get back my morpher.

Wes: But you already gave me.

Alex: Yes, so what? I can get it back whenever I want!

Wes: Why?

Alex: I said it is not your business.

Wes: Do you plan to pretend me and get Jen back?

Alex: I have no time for this! If you won¡¯t give me, then it is no other way.

Wes: Ok, come and get it!

Alex: At once!

Wes: Time for time force!

Alex: It is unfair! You¡¯ve morphed?

Wes: Yes, so what?

Eric¡¯s just finished his assignment and leaving the building.

Alex: Give it back to me!

Wes: I can¡¯t!

Alex: It is not about Jen!

Wes: Who will believe you, liar?!

Alex: The future will change if you don¡¯t give me the morpher.

Wes: Save your breath!

Eric: Wow, Wes is fighting another Red Time Force Ranger? I have to help him.

Alex: Give it back to me!

Wes: No, get back to your time!

Eric is kicking Wes.

Eric: Let¡¯s try my Super Kick!

Wes: What are you doing?

Eric is talking to Alex.

Eric: Wes, I will help you whatever it takes.

Wes: Eric, I am Wes. He is not. You should help me, not him.

Eric is answering Wes.

Eric: I know you are Psycho Red. You like playing games. I know you just took the Red Time Force Ranger form.

Alex: Eric, if you want to help. Then you should take off his time morpher.

Eric: Right!

Wes: What are you doing, Eric?

Eric: Yes, here is the time morpher.

Eric is handing the time morpher to Alex.

Alex: Thanks, Eric. Well done! I have to go or the future will change.

Eric: See you, Wes.

Wes is de-morphining.

Eric: Wes? Are you Wes?

Wes: Yes! Yes! I told you but you are not listening.

Eric: Man! I was tricked!

Wes: Don¡¯t worry. Let¡¯s find our Red friends? Remember?

Eric: Yes!

Alex is running to the forest.

Alex: The machine shows me that Psycho Red is over here. Where is he now?

Psycho Red: Looking for me? I am here!

Alex: Yes, I am right! You are Psycho Red!

Psycho Red: You seem to know me a lot.

Alex: I have to. If not, the future will change!

Psycho Red: As you know, I will rule the Earth.

Alex: There is no time for chatting. Time for time force!

Psycho Red: Another red ranger? Good!

Alex: Time Str¡­

Psycho Red: Not so far. You think your little toy will destroy me? No way!

Alex: Then let me use Wes¡¯ new weapon. Battlized Warrior Ranger!

Psycho Red: What is this?

Alex: Full power! Wait! Where is he?

Psycho Red: I am here! Psycho Saber!

Alex: Ayaa¡­ you¡­ you are cunning.

Psycho Red: You should know that when you¡¯re searching my information. It looks like your morpher.

Alex: No! Don¡¯t do it! The future will change!

Psycho Red: I don¡¯t care! Thanks for the morpher. There is only one red ranger left. I have to go back to Angel Grove!

Alex: No! Come back! I should find others for help! Captain Logan? Do you read me? Captain Logan? No answer¡­ Stupid pig!


A stranger is walking down to a forest¡­

Stranger: It is too late!

In an outer space¡­.

Psycho Red: See, I am the strongest Psycho Ranger. I got all the red rangers¡¯ morphers.

Psycho Blue: Let me see. Where is Andros¡¯ morpher?

Psycho Black: Yes, where is his morpher?

Psycho Red: You guys don¡¯t have to worry. I will get it soon! Very soon¡­ See, I already got seven red rangers¡¯ morphers. It won¡¯t be hard to get the last one.

Psycho Pink: Psycho Red, if you can destroy all the red rangers, then we will listen to your order forever.

Psycho Yellow: Yes!

Psycho Rangers: Yes, we will.

Psycho Red: Listen, all of you¡­ Now I have to go to the evil party to see my old friends and tell them that Psycho Rangers will be the next ruler of the universe.

Psycho Rangers: Great idea!

Psycho Red: Stay here! I will come back soon!

In an evil party¡­

Goldar: Welcome all the evil warriors¡­ We are alive!

Darkonda: Yes, we are stronger than ever.

Olympius: It is good to have a party since my enemies have not been here. No Diabolico¡­

Elgar: Great! Please get me an evil drink!

Treachon: Where is Psycho Red? He should be here now.

Psycho Red: I am here!

Olymipus: What take you so long?

Psycho Red: I had defeated all the red rangers and got their morphers.

Elgar: Is it true? Can I see the morphers?

Psycho Red: You? What is your name?

Elgar: Elgar!

Psycho Red: Al Gore? The losing guy¡­

Elgar: Hey, I am not him¡­

Treachon: Did you get Leo¡¯s morpher?

Psycho Red: Of course!

Olymipus: Did you get Carter¡¯s morpher?

Psycho Red: His morpher is right here!

Goldar: How about Jason and Tommy¡¯s morphers?

Psycho Red: They are here too! See, I am the strongest one among all of you!

Darkonda: Great! But wait¡­ How about Andros¡¯ morpher?

Psycho Red: I¡­ I will get it soon!

Darkonda: When?

Psycho Red: Very soon!

A stranger is coming to the party¡­

Goldar: Welcome to the evil party!

Elgar: What is your name?

Stranger: I am just a traveler.

Treachon: A traveler?

Stranger: Yes!

Olymipus: We are talking about getting the red rangers¡¯ morphers.

Darkonda: Do you have anything to show us?

Stranger: Yes, I have.

Darkonda: What do you have?

Stranger: I have a red ranger¡¯s morpher.

Elgar: Which one?

Stranger: The one you don¡¯t have¡­. Andros¡¯ morpher.

Psycho Red: It can¡¯t be!

Olymipus: Psycho Red, you don¡¯t have it does not mean the other can¡¯t have it.

Treachon: Right!

Psycho Red: I ¡­

Goldar: Can I see it?

The stranger is taking off the morpher from his left hand and handing it to Goldar¡­

Goldar: It is real.

Treachon: Great!

Stranger: Psycho Red, can I see your red rangers¡¯ morphers?

Psycho Red is jealous of the stranger¡­

Psycho Red: Take them!

Elgar: Do you know how to access them?

The stranger takes all the red rangers¡¯ morphers into his pockets¡­

Stranger: Of course!

Goldar is handing Andros¡¯ morpher to the stranger.

Goldar: How to use this morpher?

Stranger: It is easy. It is Andros¡¯ morpher, so¡­

Darkonda: Wait¡­ what did you say your name was?

Stranger: I didn¡¯t.

Darkonda: Andros! I know it is you! I recognize your voice.

Stranger: Let¡¯s rocket! Galaxy Gilder!

The stranger is taking off his robe and jumping on the galaxy gilder.

Psycho Red: It is you! I have waited for you so long.

Darkonda: Me too! He is getting away! Catch him!

Psycho Red: He is mine!

Psycho Red is chasing Andros¡­

Psycho Red: Where is he? Come out and fight!

Andros: I should get back to Earth.

Andros is coming to the Silver Guardian Station¡­

Officer: Who are you?

Andros: I have to see the chairman.

Officer: You can¡¯t go like that. Freeze or I have to shoot!

Andros is walking to the conference room.

Officer: Wait! You can¡¯t go inside. They are having an important meeting right now.

Andros is opening the door and everyone in the meeting is looking at Andros.

Andros: I need to see the chairman.

Eric: It is Silver Guardian¡¯s department. You can¡¯t¡­

Andros: It is very important!

Eric: What¡¯s so important?

Andros: Are you the chairman?

Eric is looking at everyone¡­

Eric: The chairman is not here. You can talk to me!

Andros: No, I have to talk to the chairman. It is very important!

Dr. Michael: Mr, you can talk to Eric. Eric will talk to Wes later.

Andros: Ok. It is about the power rangers.

Eric: Gentleman, so sorry about this. We will have a meeting later.

Eric: I am a power ranger. You can talk to me.

Andros: You are a power ranger? I think you are just a Silver Guardian Officer.

Eric: No! I am not just an officer; I am also the Quantum Ranger!

Dr. Michael: Yes, Eric is really a Quantum Ranger.

Andros: Where is your morpher?

Eric: Um¡­ I leave it at home.

Andros is taking out all the red rangers¡¯ morphers from hid pocket.

Andros: They are the red power rangers¡¯ morphers that I have got from Psycho Red.

Eric: Oh, this is mine! My Quantum Morpher.

Andros: But you just said you left your morpher at home.

Eric: I ¡­

Andros: Forget it. I know Psycho Red is following me to the Earth. Now, we have to contact the owners of the morphers.

Eric: Right! This one belongs to Wes. I will take it to him. Dr. Michael, would you check the morphers to see if they still have powers?

Dr. Michael: No problem.

Dr. Michael is taking the morphers to his experiment room¡­

Andros: Please listen to me. I know how Psycho Red thinks.

Eric: I listen to you?

Andros: Yes, there are no other choices if you want to defeat Psycho Red. I know him very well.

Eric: Ok, but I have to call Wes first.

Andros: Is he the chairman?

Eric: Yes, he is since Mr. Collins has been retired. Wes, I am Eric. Please come to the office at once. It is very important!

Wes: Ok, I am on my way.

Wes is walking to the conference room¡­

Eric: Hey, Wes. It is Andros!

Wes: Wesley Collins, nice to see you!

Andros: I am Andros from the planet KO35. Nice to see you too.

Wes: Where is KO35? I never heard of this planet before.

Andros: It is not important. The important thing is¡­

Eric: Psycho Red!

Wes: Who is Psycho Red?

Eric: The cheater, thief¡­ He likes playing tricks and stealing red power rangers¡¯ morphers.

Wes: Really?

Andros: Actually, Psycho Red is everything you are but twice powerful. He is evil. If you don¡¯t stop him, your city will be finished very soon.

Wes: Look like he is very tough!

Eric: Yes, he is.

Dr. Michael is coming to the conference¡­

Dr. Michael: Excuse me, Chairman. I¡¯ve already checked the morphers and they still have great powers.

Wes: Great! Let¡¯s find out where Psycho Red is?

Eric: Right!

Andros: Wait! I really know how Psycho Red thinks. I think we should find the owners of the morphers first.

Eric: I can¡¯t wait¡­ Psycho Red will destroy the city.

Wes: Wait, Eric. Andros is right! We have to find out the owners and combine our powers to fight Psycho Red.

Eric: Ok then¡­ You are the leader.

Wes is smiling to Eric¡­

Andros: I have a plan.

Wes: What is it?

Andros: Wes¡­ I think you and I should go out and keep searching Psycho Red¡­ and Eric¡­ I think you should contact the other red rangers.

Eric: Ok!

Wes: Good idea!

Andros: Let¡¯s go!

Wes and Andros are leaving¡­

Eric: Sh&t! How do I look for the red rangers? I don¡¯t know their names and addresses¡­ wait a minute¡­ this one is for Carter Grayson and this one is for Cole. The others¡­ I have no ideas!

At the Silver Hill Shopping Center¡­

Wes: Where is Psycho Red?

Andros: He must be hiding for now. Who knows? But I am sure he is on Earth.

Wes: Let¡¯s split out.

Andros: Ok, but careful.

Wes: Yes.

Wes is walking around.

One hour later¡­

Andros: Wes, did you find anything?

Alex: Are you talking to me?

Andros: Of course! What have you done? Changing clothes¡­ Dyeing hairs¡­ Looking for girls¡­

Alex: Sorry, I have to go. You¡¯ve got a wrong person.

Andros: Are you losing your memory? I am Andros!

Alex: Don¡¯t know what you are talking about?!

Andros: Don¡¯t you recognize me?

Alex: I don¡¯t know you. How can I recognize you?

Andros: Wes, listen to me¡­ you are a red power ranger.

Alex: Wes?! You¡¯ve really got the wrong person.

Andros: You still forget who you really are?!

Alex: Of course, I know who I really am, but I am not Wes.

Andros: So¡­ who are you?

Alex: It is not your business. I have to go!

Andros: Wait¡­I know who you are! You are Psycho Red. You pretend Wes to hurt others.

Alex: I am Alex from the future.

Andros: Are you telling me the truth?

Alex: You don¡¯t need to know.

Wes is coming¡­

Wes: Hey Alex?!

Andros: You guys know each other?!

Wes: Of course!

Andros: You guys look like a twin.

Wes: Alex, what are you doing here?

Alex: I am looking for you, Wes.

Wes: Then we should come to my conference room together.

In the conference room¡­

Wes: How come so many people are here? What are you doing, Eric?

Eric: I am printing a poster for searching for the person who lost a power ranger¡¯s morpher.

Wes: It¡¯s kind of stupid! See, what have you done?

Eric: Sorry, Wes. It is the only way. I don¡¯t know the names and the addresses of the red rangers¡­

Andros: Let me try. Alpha, would you call all the red rangers to the Silver Guardian Station?

Alpha: No problem.

Andros: Thank you!

Wes: Eric, see? Andros is very smart!

Alex: Alien is usually smarter than the person from Earth.

Twenty minutes later¡­

Andros: Here is the list of the red power rangers. Jason Lee Scott, Rocky DeSantos, Alien Red, Tommy Oliver, T.J., Leo Corbett, Carter Grayson, and Cole. That¡¯s it!

Andros: T.J.?! I didn¡¯t know he was a red ranger.

Jason and Tommy are coming¡­

Tommy: Jason, do you remember the Silver Guardian?

Jason: Yes. They want to catch us?! It is so stupid!

Tommy: But Alpha calls us to go to Silver Guardian Station today.

Jason: It must be very important!

Leo and Carter are coming¡­

Leo: Hey, Carter! Long time no see.

Carter: Yes, long time no see, Leo. What happens?

Leo: Someone calls me to go to Silver Guardian Station for a very important meeting. So, I call you to come with me.

Carter: I see. Let¡¯s go!

Cole is coming to the Silver Guardian Station.

Cole: Wes?!

Wes: Yes, Cole. Nice to see you!

Cole: Wesley Collin? I don¡¯t know you are the chairman.

Wes: Forget it. Let¡¯s go to the conference room.

Cole: Sorry, I am late!

Wes: Not really¡­ Alien Red, Rocky, and T.J. have not been here yet. Anyway, let¡¯s start our meeting. First let¡¯s introduce ourselves. I am Wesley Collin. The Red Time Force Ranger and the chairman of Bio Lab and the leader of Silver Guardian.

Dr. Michael: I am Dr. Michael. I help the company to develop new technologies against the evil forces.

Eric: I am Eric Myers. The Quantum Ranger and¡­ the officer of Silver Guardian.

Carter: I am Carter Grayson. The leader of the Lightspeed Rescue Team. I am also a fireman.

Andros: I am Andros from the planet KO35. The leader of Space Rangers.

Leo: I am Leo Corbett. I am a ¡­ Um¡­ I am¡­ I am the leader of Galaxy Rangers.

Cole: I am Cole from Amazon River. The leader of Wild Force Rangers.

Tommy: I am Tommy Oliver. I am a car racer. The leader of¡­. too many¡­ I am the leader of Zeo Rangers.

Jason: I am Jason Lee Scott. The leader of the original Power Rangers. I am also a kung fu master.

Alex: I am Alex from the future. Leader of the Time Force.

Wes: Great! Thank you! Now we have to figure a way to defeat Psycho Red. In this event, we have to work together. Now, we have to choose a leader to lead this special team. Any volunteers?

Tommy: I am the strongest power ranger and I have the longest experience to fight against the monsters. I know how they think. I can lead the team.

Jason: You, the strongest? I am the strongest. I am the leader of the original power rangers. I won many kung fu tournaments. I promise I can destroy Psycho Red in a fair match.

Cole: I don¡¯t want to be the leader, but I want to protect the city. It is my responsibility¡­

Leo: It will be my honor if you guys choose me as the leader of this special team.

Alex: But you are good at nothing except playing. I think the leader should be serious, smart, brave¡­

Andros: I just want to destroy Psycho Red and I know him well. I know how he thinks.

Eric: Please give me a chance.

Dr. Michael: Eric, Mr. Collin already gave you many chances, but you hadn¡¯t done anything great! Let me be the leader. I know all your weapons. I know how to fight Psycho Red.

Wes: Um¡­ who will be the most suitable ranger?

Mr. Collin: I know who is the best ranger for this team.

Wes: Dad?

Mr. Collin: My son is the best ranger. I trust him. He can protect the world and destroy the evil.

Wes: But Dad.

Mr. Collin: No buts¡­ Promise me, Wes.

Wes: Ok. But I want to make some changes in our team.

Eric: Good idea!

Wes: Eric is with Dr. Michael and me. Jason is with Tommy. Andros is with Leo and Cole. Carter is with Alex. Any problem? Let¡¯s call it Red Special Team.


Psycho Red is destroying the Silver Hill Plaza.

Psycho Red: Where are you, Andros? I promise. I will destroy you.

Andros: Are you looking for me?

Psycho Red: Do you know that I have to destroy you today?

Andros: Then come and get me.

Psycho Red: At once!

Psycho Red is chasing Andros.

Leo: Super Kick! Man! I miss. Sorry, Andros! He is too fast. I can¡¯t kick his head.

Psycho Red: Andros, I am getting you!

Andros: How can Leo miss this?!

Psycho Red¡¯s right hand is almost touching Andros¡¯ butt.

Psycho Red: You can run, but you can¡¯t hide! You are mine!

Andros: Sexual harassment!

Psycho Red: So what?

Tommy: Super Kick!

Psycho Red: Aww¡­ it hurts!

Jason: Psycho Red, let me teach you Tae Kwon Do.

Psycho Red: You dare?

Jason: He is getting angry. Time to run! Tommy, wait for me!

Cole: Stop, Psycho Red! I will fight you this time. No more tricks¡­

Cole is climbing on Psycho Red¡¯s back.

Psycho Red: Get your butt off, Tazan!

Carter is targeting at Psycho Red and switching on the water pipe.

Carter: Watch out, Cole!

Psycho Red: I am all wet! Who did this to me?

Eric: Psycho Red, you are under arrest!

Alex and Wes are coming together and standing in front of Psycho Red.

Psycho Red: Is it an illusion? 2 same images? Is it some kind of trick?

Alex: No, I am Alex!

Alex is hitting Psycho Red¡¯s left eye.

Wes: I am Wes, remember?

Wes is hitting Psycho Red¡¯s right eye.

Psycho Red: It hurts. Come back and fight!

Dr. Michael: You guys weapons are full of powers now! Try them!

All: Right!

Wes: It¡¯s time to morph!

All: Right!

Jason: It¡¯s morphining time! Tyrannosaur! Red Mighty Morphin¡¯ Power Ranger!

Tommy: It¡¯s morphining time! Zeo 5 Red! Red Zeo Ranger!

Andros: Let¡¯s rocket! Red Space Ranger!

Leo: Go galactic! Red Galaxy Ranger!

Carter: Lightspeed rescue! Red Lightspeed Ranger!

Wes: Time for time force! Red Time Force Ranger!

Eric: Quantum Power! Quantum Ranger!

Cole: Wild Access! Red Wild Force Ranger!

Jason: It looks like the old time!

Tommy: Yeah!

Dr. Michael: It works! Let me write down the formulas¡­

Alex: Great!

All: We are Red Power Rangers!

Andros: We have 10 of us, but there is only one of you.

Leo: You are going down, Psycho Red!

Psycho Red: It can¡¯t be! Psycho Saber!

Cole: It can be!

Carter: Let us try something more powerful?!

Wes: Right!

Eric: Good idea!

Jason: Power Sword!

Tommy: Zeo 5 Power Sword!

Andros: Spinal Saber!

Leo: Quarta Saber!

Carter: Lightspeed Blaster!

Wes: Time Strike!

Eric: Quantum Defender! Blaster Mode!

Cole: Crystal Saber! Ah~

Psycho Red: My Psycho Saber¡­ it has been destroyed.

Jason: Give up, Psycho!

Psycho Red: Never!

Tommy: You are brave, but foolish!

Psycho Red: Shut up! I am the smartest among all of you!

Andros: You are going down!

Psycho Red: I am the strongest among all of you!

Leo: The game is over! You lose!

Psycho Red: I can¡¯t believe it!

Carter: You don¡¯t have to believe it! You lose anyway!

Psycho Red: No, I haven¡¯t lost yet! Psycho Kick!

Wes: Psycho Kick?!

Eric: Quantum Defender! Saber Mode! Ya~

Psycho Red: My leg!

Cole: It¡¯s over!

Mr. Michael: Rangers, power up your weapons!

All: Right!

Andros: Mega Ranger Power!

Leo: Woo¡­ Andros can fly. Light of Orion¡­ wait, I can¡¯t use this power. Honor Power Ranger!

Carter: Mega Battle!

Wes: Warrior Power Ranger!

Eric: Mega Battle!

Cole: Power up! Fire!

Psycho Red: You haven¡¯t seen the last of me!

Alex: Good job! Right on time. Psycho Red is destroyed! The city is peaceful again!

Dr. Michael: Thank you all of you! Now, let me looks into the results and the formulas¡­

At the Silver Guardian Station¡­

Cole: Psycho Red is destroyed. No more Psycho¡­

Leo: No, there are still Psycho Rangers over there. Is it true, Andros?

Andros: Yes, there are.

Cole: How many?

Andros: Only 4, but they are powerful too.

Leo: Yes! If they combine their powers, then there will be no more Earth.

Cole: Can we talk to them?

Andros: Psycho Rangers won¡¯t listen.

Cole: But I heard that Psycho Red has a heart. He is not a monster.

Leo: That¡¯s how you have been tricked by him.

Cole: How did you know?

Leo: I knew everything¡­

Alex: Wes, nice job!

Wes: No¡­ All of us did a great job today.

Eric: Thank the Quantum Defender!

Alex and Wes are laughing¡­

Eric: It is true!

Carter: So that¡¯s how the original red power ranger did?!

Jason: Yes! See, I am the strongest and most respectable red ranger!

Tommy: You, Jason?!

Jason: Of course! No one can replace me.

Carter and Tommy are laughing¡­

Tommy: Rocky already replaced you, remember?

Carter: Who is Rocky?

Jason: You don¡¯t have to know¡­

Tommy: The other Red Mighty Morphin¡¯ Power Ranger!

Jason: Shut up, Tommy.

Tommy: It is true anyway¡­.

Carter and Tommy are laughing¡­

Mr. Collin is coming to the rangers¡­

Wes: Dad?

Mr. Collin: Yes. Thanks all of you! The city becomes peaceful again. Wes, I am proud of you today. I know that you won¡¯t make me disappointed!

Wes: Yes, dad! Thanks¡­ everyone.

Mr. Collin is leaving with Dr. Michael without looking at Alex¡­ All rangers are getting together¡­

Rangers: 1, 2, 3¡­ Power Rangers, Red Special Team!

Wes: We don¡¯t know when we can meet each other and have a party together.

Alex: Don¡¯t worry, Wes. I know we will.

Wes: Really?

Alex: I can see the future, remember? I have to go, take care!

Leo: Where are you going?

Alex: To the future, Year 3000.

Leo: Incredible!

Alex is walking to the door and disappearing within several seconds¡­

Carter: I have to go, Marina Bay needs me. See you guys!

Carter puts on his Lightspeed jacket and walking to the door.

Cole: They are cool!

Andros: I have to go. I haven¡¯t told my girlfriend about this secret mission. She will get angry if she doesn¡¯t see me.

Jason: Andros, where are you going?

Andros: I live in Angel Grove right now.

Jason: Angel Grove?

Andros: My friends are in Angel Grove.

Tommy: Great! Then we can go together.

Andros: Right!

Tommy: Do you know T.J?

Andros: Yes, I know. He is supposed to come today. I don¡¯t know he is a red ranger.

Jason: Oh, I see. Tommy, you are replaced by T.J. ?!

Tommy stares at Jason¡­

Jason: It is true anyway.

Andros: Let¡¯s go¡­

Jason: Right!

Tommy: Yes, see you guys!

Tommy takes out a handkerchief and put it onto his head.

Cole: So, this is Tommy¡­ He is cool.

Leo: I have to go¡­

Cole: Where are you going?

Leo: A mystery planet. I need to take my saber back into the stone¡­ and I need to talk to my red lion.

Cole: Red lion? I have a red lion too. Would you mind telling me how to feed the lion? My lion doesn¡¯t eat at all. I am afraid he will get sick easily.

Leo: Follow me.

Cole and Leo are talking about their lions on the way¡­

Eric: Everyone did very well today. I need to have a vacation.

Wes: No problem! It¡¯s time to call my girlfriend¡­

Something happens at Dr. Michael¡¯s lab¡­

Want to find out what will happen next... stay tune...

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