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1st International Kung Fu Touranment

At a fast food restaurant and Skull is reading a newspaper¡K

Skull: Hey, Bulky. It¡¦s the International Kung Fu Touranment. It takes place at Angel Grove Stadium next month. It says every applicant should wear a mask during the fight.

Bulk: Yeah~ Good idea! Let me get an application form and beat people up.

Skull: Yeah~ You are right! You are the strongest.

Bulk: I¡¦m always the strongest.

Skull: ¡K when Jason and Tommy are not there~

Bulk: What do you say?

Skull: Nothing. I¡¦m always on your side.

Bulk: Haha¡K

Trini: Kimberly?!

Kimberly: Hey, Trini. Long time no see. How are you?

Trini: I am fine, thank you! Where¡¦s Tommy?

Kimberly: I don¡¦t really know. I think he is still in Angel Grove.

Trini: You don¡¦t know? It can¡¦t be. Tommy is your boyfriend. How can you say you don¡¦t know?

Kimberly: Actually, Tommy and I broke up since I had left you guys and went to Florida.

Trini: Too bad¡K

Kimberly: I want to see Tommy too. Hope he is all right with Katherine.

Trini: Katherine?? Who is she? Who is the vixen?

Kimberly: You don¡¦t know Kate?

Trini: Who is she anyway?

Kimberly: Kate became the pink ranger since I had left Tommy, Zordon and Alpha. She is pretty.

Trini: She stole your power?

Kimberly: No! I gave it to her. I gave my power coin and power morpher to her.

Trini: So you cannot morphin right now?!

Kimberly: Yes, I can¡¦t morphin without my power coin.

Trini: Look like Kate ruined your everything¡K

Kimberly: Don¡¦t say like this¡K

Trini: But She stole your boyfriend, Tommy.

Kimberly: I hope she loves Tommy.

Trini: Don¡¦t be stupid! I think¡K what¡¦s her name?

Kimberly: Katherine!

Trini: Yeah. I think Kat¡K Cat¡K Katherine will not love Tommy after she has everything. She has great power and appearance. I worry about Tommy¡K

Kimberly: I worry about him too¡K

Bulk and Skull are coming near to Kimberly and Trini¡¦s table.

Bulk: Hi, long time no see¡K

Skull: Yea¡K long time no see¡K

Bulk: Please ~ shut up, Skull.

Skull: Yea¡K please shut¡K. sorry¡K

Bulk: Shut up, Skull. Or I will beat you up!

Trini: What are you doing here, Bulky?

Bulk: Tell you girls one thing. I will be the winner in the Kung Fu Touranment next month.

Trini: So?

Bulk: It proves that Tommy and Jason are no match for me. They are scared and run away.

Kimberly: Tommy and Jason won't be scared of you.

Trini: They are both stronger than you.

Skull: Yea¡K You are right! That¡¦s what I say.

Bulk: Skull, what do you say?

Skull: Nothing.

Bulk: Shut up or I will beat you up!

Trini: Skull, come here. Come with us and leave Bulk.

Skull: I can¡¦t do this.

Kimberly: Why?

Skull: Because Bulk is ugly, fat, stupid¡K when I am with him¡K girls think I am a nice, smart, handsome guy.

Bulk: Shut up and get up! Your ugly obscene creature! (Bulk grabs Skull¡¦s shirt) Let me prove you girls how strong I am!

Zack: Hey, you big monster. Stop!

Bulk: What? You? The dancer wants to be a fighter?

Zack: Men should not hurt ladies.

Bulk: You want to fight?

Zack: No!

Bulk: Coward!

Zack: I am not a coward. I am a black rang¡K

Bulk: What? Coward! Fight me!

Zack: No, I can¡¦t fight here.

Bulk: Coward. Fight me during the Kung Fu Tournament. I will accept your challenge¡K

Zack: Yea¡K I will.

Bulk: Let¡¦s go, Skull!

Zack: I need to call Jason. Jason? Are you here? (Zack talks to the communicator)

Jason: Who are you?

Zack: I am Zack.

Jason: Oh, the lousy dancer.

Zack: Hey, it is not the joking time. I need your help?

Jason: How much do you need? I am poor.

Zack: I don¡¦t need your money. I need you body¡K

Jason: What? You need my body? D&m%ed it!

Zack: Sorry, I lead you buddy.

Jason: You lead me? How can you?

Zack: Sorry¡K I NEED you BUDDY!

Jason: What do you want?

Zack: I want you to help me to fight Bulk. He is too heavy. I can¡¦t fight him during the Kung Fu Tournament next month. If I lose, then I will be a coward. You¡¦ve got to help me.

Jason: Ok, be the coward¡K Zack!

Zack: Hey man! No joke.

Jason: Ok. I will join the tournament with Tommy.

Zack: Tommy will join it too. Thanks!

Kimberly: Tommy? Let me talk to Jason¡K

Zack: Oh, he hangs up. Man, I forget to tell them to wear masks during the fight.

At Jason¡¦s house¡K

Jason: Hey Tommy, let¡¦s join the Kung Fu Tournament?

Tommy: Ok. No problem. I am ready.

Jason: You ready?

Tommy: Yes, I am great! I am full of power!

Jason: Then, give me the green power coin.

Tommy: You know?! I don¡¦t have it.

Jason: How about the red turbo power?

Tommy: I gave it to TJ.

Jason: Who is TJ? Never mind¡K He will not be a good leader and red ranger anyway.

Tommy: I don¡¦t have much super power left.

Jason: I know you still have a red zeo crystal.

Tommy: Trust me. I don¡¦t have it now.

Jason: The white ranger¡¦s power coin?

Tommy: It is the gift from Zordon. I can¡¦t give you.

Jason: You say we are friends in front of other rangers, but actually we are not.

Tommy: Don¡¦t be upset! Use your power coin.

Jason: I gave it to my girlfriend, Emily, as her birthday gift. I think she will marry me. I wait and wait, but she still does not say anything to me.

Tommy: Take it easy Js. Kat and I too. I may purpose to her when I win the tournament.

Jason: Yes! Me too!

At the Angel Grove College¡K

Rocky: Hey adam. How¡¦s doing?

Adam: Man! Since the new semester starts, I become very busy.

Rocky: I know you are the president of our college¡¦s Kung Fu Club. Hey, teach me some techniques and skills, so I can come back to the power ranger team and be a stronger power ranger.

Adam: Yes, you are right. Because I am the president, my classmates and the club members already fill in the application for me to enter the International Kung Fu Tournament. I need to make a mask too¡K so I can wear it during the fight.

Rocky: A mask?

Adam: Yes! I am good at making a mask, so I plan to wear my zeo green ranger mask instead.

Rocky: Wow¡K it sounds good! The green ranger is back! Um¡K I like to join too and wear the zeo blue ranger mask.

Adam: Yes, it sounds good too. People will not know we are the real rangers. They just think we are applicants.

Rocky: Yeah!

Name List:

1. Jason = Olympius

2. Tommy =Elicptor

3. Zack = Bulk

4. Rocky = chad

5. Adam = Diabolico

6. Andros = zhane

7. Eric = alex

8. Justin = merrick

9. Leo = cole

10. Carter = david

11. Joel = Goldar

12. Wes = Frankie chan

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