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Power Rangers Ninja Storm

Three rebellious students are the last ones remaining at their ninja academy after evil aliens attack the Earth. With mankind at the brink of destruction, the fate of the world lies in the hands of these unlikely heroes. Their ninja master teaches them to harness ancient mystical energies that transform them into Power Rangers. Later, they join forces with two students from a rival school, and Power Rangers Ninja Storm is born, ready to save the world once more.

Dustin Shane Tori

To the outside world, Tori, Shane and Dustin have typical teen lives in Blue Bay Harbor: fun, friends, school and hanging out at Storm Chargers Action Sports store. Shane's a skateboarder, Dustin races motocross, and Tori's a beach-loving surfer. But they have one special thing in common - they are students at a secret Ninja school where, under the careful teachings of a wise Sensei, they've trained in the ancient ways of the Ninja. Before long, their world changes when Lothor, a Ninja master banished to space for his evil deeds, returns to Earth bent on revenge. During the confrontation between the evil Lothor and Sensei, the Sensei is magically turned into a guinea pig and now cannot turn himself back into a human. Left with no other choice, the Sensei must enlist the help of his less than perfect students. Sensei gives 'morphers' to the three kids that, when necessary, will transform them into superheroes.

Crimson Thunder Ranger Navy Thunder Ranger Green Samurai Ranger

But soon, this trio, now known as the Wind Power Rangers, faces a new threat: two former Ninja students from a rival school join forces with Lothor. The pair, known as the Thunder Rangers (Crimson Thunder and Navy Thunder), must somehow be convinced by the Wind Power Rangers to team with them and together -- as Power Rangers -- defeat Lothor. Later in the story, another powerful ally -- the Green Samurai Ranger -- emerges to help the Power Rangers in the ultimate battle of good versus evil. Until then, the Power Rangers must work with Sensei/guinea pig to ensure the safety of the Earth and keep their identities secret, all while keeping up with their own fast-paced, fun-filled young lives.

Kapri - Katrina Browne

Marah - Katrina Devine

Sensei - Grant McFarland

Cam - Jason Chan

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