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Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Unbeknownst to the citizens of earth there lies another dimension next to our own, dino dimension, inhabited by magnificent creatures from long ago. However, looming on the horizon is a catastrophic event that will decimate the dino dimension and all those who inhabit it. An evil genius, Dr. Anton Mercer was once a renowned scientist who now rules the dino dimension. Slowly over the years, he quite simply went mad. In his studies he came upon a technique for actually transforming himself into a dino like creature, upon learning of the eminent destruction of the dino dimension, Mercer realizes his only hope is to conquer earth, and he unleashes an endless stream of monster attacks on a seemingly helpless planet. Meanwhile, Dr. Edward Payne, a Doctor of Paleontology, has returned to his home town of Reefside California to live a quiet life of a high school science teacher, his only desire to teach young people, and cultivate their interest in things unknown. As the newest teacher at Reefside High, Dr. Payne is given the unenviable positioning of chaperoning after-school detention, where he encounters numerous young people, the likes of whom he would never suspect as the earth's only chance against the evil Dr. Mercer.

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