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Ethan James - Blue Dino Thunder Ranger

Played by Unknown??

Preferably African-American but other ethnicities considered, average build, average looks, but the potential to shine once he gets over his somewhat sheltered and naive upbringing. Uncertain about his role in the real world, Ethan has become a master gamer -- spending every waking moment playing computer and video games, or thinking about playing computer and video games. This habit has cut into his ability to stay focused on school, but he gets decent marks just to keep his parents happy enough to let him carry on his gaming. But Ethan's quick mind has endless potential, which will be realized when he becomes the BLUE RANGER. Ethan takes his years of game experience and is able to turn it into clever and inventive strategic planning. Moreover, he has a flair for technology, which will prove very useful as the Rangers develop new powers and weapons. Always high energy and game to try anything, Ethan enthusiastically embraces his new found stature as a Power Ranger, but must learn that not everything in life can be learned on-line. For example, Ethan has learned tremendous karate skills from a popular website, but he has yet to try them in a real attack. As a Ranger, will get a quick lesson in real-life consequences, and will prove he is up to the challenge.

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