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Connor McKnight - Red Dino Thunder Ranger

Played by James Napier

Tall, athletic, classic good looks. A future basketball all-star. His winning smile often gets him out of the trouble his overly developed ego gets him into. He's headstrong and determined, convinced he's always in the right and he usually is -- he's bright, but not necessarily a good student, as school work bores him and doing homework gets in the way of more important things -- like basketball. His overall attitude is he doesn't need to follow the rules, as his basketball playing will get him all he wants in life. He's all confidence and swagger, but underneath it hides the brave heart of a true hero, just waiting to be discovered. As RED RANGER, Connor will discover his leadership abilities, learning his greatest gifts are his abilitity to stay calm in a crisis, to be brave in the face of great danger, and to lead not by force, but by sheer determination and perseverance. Connor will learn that being a part of a winning team is more important than being a solo superstar.

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